Purloin Meaning in Urdu Language – Chori Karna چوری کرنا

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Purloin چوری کرنا Meaning in Urdu

Purloin meaning in Urdu language is “چوری کرنا” “Chori-Karna” or moreover you can say “چرانا” “Churana” and was originated from Middle English.

Purloin چوری کرنا Sentences

  • Urdu: “اسنے میرے قلم کو چوری کیا.”
  • English: “He purloined my pen.”
  • Urdu: “چورانا مت، یہ میرا سماں ہے۔”
  • English: “Do not purloin, this is my belongings.”

Purloin چوری کرنا Information

  • Form: Verb
  • Pronounce Purloin: per-loin

Close to Purloin چوری کرنا

  • Appropriate
  • Cheat
  • Fraud
  • Filch
  • Lift
  • Misappropriate
  • Shoplift
  • Thief
  • Rip Off

Opposite of Purloin چوری کرنا

  • Give
  • Offer
  • Honest
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