How to Check Ufone Remaining Data? [3 Methods]

Don't know how much MBs data left on your Ufone package. Try out these 3 methods, by which you can check Ufone Remaining data on your Ufone SIM.
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How to check Ufone Remaining Data
  • You can check remaining MBs in your Ufone Prepaid SIM by dialing *706#
  • You can check remaining MBs in your Ufone Postpaid SIM by dialing *4545#
  • Alternatively you can also use My Ufone app & Ufone Self Care to check your Ufone SIM remaining data. By using this method you can check Ufone remaining MBs for free.

One of the best telecom companies in Pakistan is Ufone, If you are using it and you want to check Ufone remaining data you don’t know how to check Ufone SIM’s remaining MB data. Ufone always provides its customers with the best prepaid and postpaid services.

Don’t worry, we have a solution for you to this problem. You are at the right place because you will find the solution to your problem, here. We will tell the about Code to check the remaining MB data of Ufone.

So just follow them. Let’s read the steps and learn.

Method 1. Check Ufone Remaining Data by using Code

This method will help users check the remaining MBs if they subscribed to any daily, weekly, or monthly bundle. This is a very simple and easy way, you will just have to dial this Check Code From Your Ufone SIM and get results.

Code to Check Ufone remaining MBs In Ufone Prepaid SIM

Here is information for a postpaid SIM. but, additionally, you can also check the remaining MBs of the Ufone Super card. Just open your phone dialler log and Dial *706#. Charges for it will be 0.24Rs.

Check Ufone Remaining data on Prepaid SIM
Check Remaining MBs in Ufone Prepaid SimDial *706#

Code to Check Ufone remaining MBs In Ufone Postpaid SIM

There is also a method to check remaining MBs for Postpaid SIMs. You will just have to Dial in Phone dial log *4545#. You will receive a pop-up message having details about your MBs.

Check Ufone Remaining data on Postpaid SIM
Check Remaining MBs in Ufone Postpaid SimDial *4545#

Method 2. Check Ufone Remaining Data Using the Ufone App

If you check the remaining by dialing the code, they deduct some charges from you. If you don’t have a balance and want to check MBs, you can see MBs from My Ufone App.

You just Install the My Ufone App on your mobile, the My Ufone app is available on both the Google Play Store for Android and on the App Store for iOS devices. Further, Log in to it by Ufone number.

Check Ufone Remaining data on My Ufone App

After logging in to the My Ufone app, you can not only check Ufone remaining package, but you will also see the whole information related to your Ufone SIM on the front page of the My Ufone app.

Method 3. Check Ufone Remaining Data by Using Ufone Self-Care (eCare)

Self-care is similar to the Ufone App. But, this method lets you see your Ufone remaining data on your PC web browser. Just search for the Ufone Self-Care on the browser and register on it by providing the required detail, and you will be automatically moved to “Dashboard” to check your remaining MBs data.


As you have seen all the possible methods to see your Ufone remaining MBs data. In summary, checking your Ufone data using the My Ufone app is the best method, because not only it’s free of cost, but also provides you with other information about your SIM like, Ufone SIM information, your remaining package details, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the Ufone minutes?

You can do that by using the My Ufone app or Ufone self-care, just log in using your Ufone phone number and you can see the remaining Ufone minutes there.

What is the Ufone Remaining MBs check Code?

If you are using Ufone SIM then Dial *706# or Dial *4545# to receive an SMS that will inform you about your remaining Ufone data.

How can I check my Ufone remaining resources?

This can be done either by using Ufone My app, Ufone Self Care or can also be done by dialing *706 or *4545# on your smartphone.

Ufone postpaid remaining SMS check?

Check the Remaining MBs in Ufone Postpaid SIM by dialing *4545# on your smartphone or iOS device.

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