How to Apply & Get Domicile in Punjab Pakistan?

Learn the complete process to get Domicile in Punjab, Pakistan. From applying, processing, verification to getting the physical copy of the Domicile certificate.
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How to Apply & Get Domicile in Punjab Pakistan

The Domicile document is actually, the proof of your residence in a specific city. It is one of the most required Documents that you need to apply for a Government Job or in a private Institution. Even if you apply for admission to any program of study, the Domicile document is mandatory for application in many Universities in Pakistan.

So, in this article, I am going to explain to you, how you can get Domicile in Punjab, Pakistan. What are the Documents required for obtaining a Domicile certificate, and What are the required Fees for it?

which value stamp paper should be purchased, so that it might be very easy to approach the Officer? So, read this article carefully to get all the necessary information.

What is a Domicile Document?

Get Domicile in Punjab

A domicile is an official document to prove a person’s residence in a particular city. It is required for seeking admission to public sector universities. Instead of studying, If you want to avail of any of the schemes of the Government like Giving Loans, or Giving Vehicles, etc, Domicile is a mandatory requirement to avail of that scheme.

According to the Pakistan Citizenship Rule, the federal/provincial government or any District Magistrate authorized by a provincial government can issue a domicile. It is necessary to write here that a domicile can only be acquired from one city.

For example, if you live in Islamabad and have already a Lahore Domicile, you wouldn’t be able to get a new Domicile in Islamabad, you will have to cancel the older one. Otherwise, you cannot get the new one.

Criteria for Eligibility of Domicile Document

If a person has been living in Islamabad for the last year, According to the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), he/she is eligible to apply for Domicile. But if you already have a Domicile, it must be canceled before applying for a new one.

Required Documents for Domicile Certificate in Punjab

If you are fresh or new, who doesn’t have any Domicile documents before? Here are all the required documents you need to apply for the Domicile document:

Documents Required for Domicile Applicant’s Age Above 21 years

  • Passport size Two Photographs
  • Business and occupation proof.
  • Applicant’s CNIC Copy.
  • Father/Guardian’s CNIC Copy.
  • Any original electricity, gas, or telephone bill.
  • Proof of residence, an allotment letter, or a lease agreement.
  • NOC (for government servants).
  • NOC from the native district (if having a dual address on CNIC).
  • Matric Certificate Copy.
  • If married then it’s a registration copy.
  • B-Form, if a candidate has children.
  • Affidavit and Voter list.

Documents Required for Domicile Applicant’s Age Below 21 years

  • Two photographs of passport size.
  • Applicant’s Cnic or B-Form copy.
  • Copy of Parent’s CNIC.
  • Domicile Copy of Father.
  • Matric Certificate.
  • Proof of business or occupation.
  • Affidavit and Voter list.

How to Get Domicile in Punjab Pakistan?

First of all, In Punjab, see your Identity Card (CNIC), if it contains a single address on it, like your Permanent and Present addresses are the same on it which is of any district of Punjab, then It’s fine.

If there are two different addresses mentioned on your Card of different districts, In this case, the requirement for documents might be different.

How to Apply for Domicile in Punjab?

Following are the steps you have to apply to apply for a Domicile document:

  1. You will have to submit a Challan of Rs 200 at the National Bank of Pakistan F-8 Markaz Branch or State Bank of Pakistan account number C-03806 District Magistrate.
  2. Then visit to Citizen Facilitation Centre in bring your paid Challan Form with you and all necessary Documents given above.
  3. Then take a token from the counter and wait until your turn comes.
  4. When the staff calls you, head to the counter for data entry and a Deposit processing fee of Rs 500 at the Counter.
  5. Get your e-receipt and come again to the Citizen Facilitation Centre to take your Domicile on the date written on the e-receipt.

It is necessary to write here that the Domicile’s applicant must appear in person along with his/her Original Documents, Otherwise, it may create problems for them and it will cause a delay in the whole procedure.

Domicile Certificate Verification

A link is given below to download the City App with which you can verify your Ddomicile document.

  • Download the Punjab City App.
  • Tap to Open it and register your account on it.
  • Find the “Domicile” tab and Open it.
  • Select Verification from the list of choices given.
  • Put your CNIC number in it and Tap the “Verify” button.

Where do You have to Submit the Domicile file for Processing?

After all, procedures, when your challan is paid, you have purchased Stamp Paper and attested by the Oath Commissioner, and also collected the necessary Documents, arrange your Documents in file, and go to E-Khidmat Markaz near to you in Punjab. You will receive a Receipt from them after processing of documents.

Keep that receipt in safe hands because after a few days when you are sent an SMS that your Domicile is ready that receipt will be seen there by you when you again visit the E-Khidmnat Markaz to take Domicile Certificate.

Domicile Processing Time

7- Days are required for processing to hand on you a new Domicile document.

Total Domicile Fee

The total fee to get a new Domicile Certificate is Rs 700.

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